Hoping to carve a way of annihilation through certain pixels? The G500 might have the option to help. The G500 is as of now the highest quality level of mice. It is better than the solace, toughness, and usefulness of mice that sell for twice so much.

Complete Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Worth: 4.9

Execution: 4.7

Proposal: The G500 is as of now the best quality level of mice. It is better than the solace, toughness, and usefulness of mice that sell for twice so much.

Standard Retail: $69.99

Laser Gaming mouse

What we preferred:

  • Comfortable structure
  • New hold material abstains from slipping
  • Improved 5700 DPI laser following
  • Fair value more than reasonable when marked down
  • Great solidness, long guarantee
  • On-the-fly DPI exchanging
  • Highly adable
  • Weight cartridge
  • Excellent situation on 10 programmable catches

What we hated:

A few people do not care for it for peculiar reasons… see beneath


There is a great deal to adore about the G500, which supplanted the old Logitech G5. In view of the surveys of individuals who have really bought the mouse, this is one of the most elevated evaluated items we’ve seen.  Contrasted with the old G5, a couple of things have changed. Above all, the old 2000 DPI motor got a significant redesign, and now tracks a stunning 5700 max DPI, which means it can move as quick as your control permits. Second, the hold was changed marginally to permit the thumb to lie all the more serenely on the left half of the mouse. Third, more fastens were included and repositioned, making them both advantageous and hard to mis-click.

There are additionally some new highlights, similar to the 2-mode scroll wheel, which permits you to look in either standard mode or free mode. Free mode is my undisputed top choice. You can move a modest quantity to go up a couple of lines, or you can give it a flick and watch it turn for a few pages. I’ve essentially quit clicking scroll bars like the one on the privilege of this page.  Maybe the most questionable change was to the gaming mouse. More seasoned Logitech mice have a smooth sort of feel to the grasp. The issue was this made people groups’ hands sweat, making the mouse get tricky and net inclination. The new material resembles rubbery sandpaper. It’s very agreeable, not or rough at all, and causes less sweat and gives a superior grasp. I surmise a few people have a thing about surfaces that are not smooth.

Of course the mouse is gone down to a low affectability setting, yet you can modify up to five DPI in Set Point. This is 100 percent adable, so please understand that any individual who says it moves the cursor excessively quick/slow has no clue about what they’re doing. Notwithstanding changing rate settings, the product permits you to record and alter macros, at that point program them to a set catch on the off chance that you want.