carpet Flooring in Little Rock, AR

What are the benefits?

In addition to creating warm and welcoming atmospheres, covering the floor with carpet has several advantages that go beyond the aesthetic choice:

– Thermal insulation. In fact, carpet has a high insulating power which can reduce heating costs by up to 15%.

– It retains dust by reducing their presence in the room. The dust retained by the fabric is easily removed with a vacuum cleaner carpet Flooring in Little Rock, AR.

– Decreases noise pollution. By isolating the room from noise, the carpet becomes the optimal choice for the sleeping area of ​​private homes and hotels.

– Cushions shocks and minimizes the risk of slipping. This reason makes it an ideal piece of furniture for the children’s bedroom or for the environments used by the elderly. There is also a high level of walking comfort.

– Allows a complete restyling of existing flooring at moderate costs. The wide choice of colors and fabrics allows you to reconstitute the architecture of the room, giving more light in dark environments, a sense of amplitude in small rooms and above all completely covering damaged floors in an easy, cheap and fast way.

– Ease of cleaning. The new stain-resistant fabrics make cleaning the fabric quick and easy and allow you to maintain the original colors over time.

– It is resistant to wear over time.

How to choose the carpet

We can divide the various types of carpet into three main groups:


They are characterized by a flat velor appearance that can be of different thicknesses and materials according to the needs of comfort, aesthetics and resistance. The bottom of which they are composed (usually latex or jute) guarantee a high level of insulation with the floor. Given their resistance, they retain dirt and dust and therefore must be cleaned and vacuumed frequently.


They are the most resistant and therefore particularly recommended in high traffic areas. Aesthetically they are characterized by short, compact and sometimes shaved hair. In addition to the most frequented living areas, they are the optimal choice for commercial environments.