A Cardiologist is a physician that specializes in issues of the performance of the heart and its connection to the rest of the body. There are approximately 6 billion human inhabitants on the planet, that is, 6 billion hubs to maintain cardiologists very busy. A Pediatric Cardiologist is a doctor who treats children with heart disease. There are a variety of heart problems such as congenital heart defects, abnormal heart rhythm, disease of the heart valves, coronary artery disease, heart attacks and disease of the blood vessels. The pediatric cardiologist specializes in treating these and other heart related ailments in children and teens. Heart disease can begin as early as when a child is still a fetus in the uterus. This is called a congenital heart disease, because it is present at birth. Another sort of coronary disease is an acquired heart disease, which affects young children and teens. Pediatric Cardiologists are very similar to regular cardiologists but for the fact that they treat kids with heart disease instead of adults.

They also need board certification in Internal Medicine. They would then spend three to five years analyzing conditions particular to the heart, the blood vessels and blood flow. Aside from anatomy, the best cardiology hospital in bangalore has to be knowledgeable about the use of modern computerized diagnostic equipment. Syncope or fainting episodes may signal a heart disease, but syncope or loss of consciousness may also be triggered by other things. Syncope normally happens when the brain fails to be given a sufficient amount of blood. Electric malfunctioning or inadequate contraction of the heart may result in blood flow of blood into the brain, causing the child to lose consciousness. Syncope can therefore be a symptom of a heart disease, even though it may also be triggered by neurological problems in the brain. Chest pain may also indicate the existence of a heart disease in a young child.

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At that point, you should go to the emergency room because this often signifies a heart attack. Sometimes your primary care will observe that you have some difficulties with this organ, or several risk Factors, and they might send you to a professional to get a better look at the problem. If your regular doctor refers you to a cardiologist, you should go right away. It could mean very little, but You will get peace of mind since it is better safe than sorry, when dealing with such an important organ. However, chest pain is a more sure indicator of heart problems in adults than in children. Various other problems besides heart ailments can also contribute to chest pain in children, which makes it an unreliable sign of a Heart issue. But if the pain persists for a long time period, it is sensible to go to a child cardiologist. A pediatric cardiologist can diagnose a heart disease from the child and provide suitable treatment. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can provide a much better life for your child.